All Property Maintenance Services

March 13, 2013

Utah Home Repair Services

We offer 24hr, 7days a week maintenance support for our Owners and Tenants. Tenants are required to submit non-emergency work orders and requests through their tenant portal. By doing so, the manager is notified immediately. Property Owners are also notified so they can be aware of what maintenance related items are taking place at their rentals. We will handle the whole maintenance process for you so you don’t have to!

By having On-Staff contractors we are able to keep maintenance costs low. Our staff is licensed and insured so you can rest assured that your rental is being taken care of.

By signing up for our inspection plan, we will give you recommendations of maintenance items and preventative care recommendations 2-4 times per year. This information can save you thousands of dollars in expense over time. One of the keys to successful real estate investment management is preventing major repair issues by small measures.

Call or email us for more details. 801-550-9924